Stories from the street as told by solopreneurs and business owners across the region.

It's not about old people. Listen to stories about the 45-55 year olds who care about their parents. About the elders who care about their grandchildren. About the Baby Boomers who just don't want to get old!

Entrepreneurs present their startup story to VCs, Angel Investors, and you!

A pathway for the curious...

These Stories And More. Coming Your Way.

A personal Podcast, whether distributed as an occasional short dialogue on your website or as a regular weekly show, can enable business owners like you to tell unique stories that can illustrate your personality, provide colorful insights, and enhance your professional credibility
in fun and interesting ways.

You Could Be Here

Let Indieloo help you launch your Personal Podcast.
Local, Remote, and Studio Recording Services.
Audio Editing, Hosting, Distribution, and Training.

"Now everyone can be a radio station!"

~ Bill Hornbeck

Look, I'm a long-term technology guy who has migrated to a variety of business opportunities. And I know a lot about the ever-increasing number of technology tools that can add power to my marketing plans.

So, when I recently decided to launch my own personal podcast show, I came to realize that EVERYONE should be doing that!

That's when I also realized that VERY FEW business owners KNOW HOW to do it. And that's also when I decided to offer help. Sure, all the excitement is about Video, Video! But people like to listen to Radio every day, too, and a rapidly growing sector of the population prefers to download podcasts for mobile listening while in the car or just relaxing.

In fact, I have found that there are many people who are just not comfortable in front of a camera...people who would be very comfortable with a vocal presentation to their audience.

That's why I launched INDIELOO... to serve as a Business and Lifestyle Podcast Channel just for you!

Here is what it means for your business:

  • You will be interviewed on-the-air for an up close and personal discussion about your business...or whatever you want to talk about...or with your best clients and customers.
  • Your show will be placed on our unique web-based Podcast site for easy public access.
  • You will also be given a personalized link that you can place on your own website as well as for distribution across your preferred Social Media connections..
  • Plus, you will have access to other Recording, Editing, Distribution, and Training Services.
  • And, that's just to get your primary story recorded and published on your site and elsewhere across the web to bring your personality to the forefront and keep your business top-of-mind with your clients and customers. If you want to develop an on-going podcast show in which you can bring on your guests and promote regular feature stories, we can help you do that too!

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